SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, it is a powerful automation & support tool. It is not limited, any business with a need for online billing, particularly of a recurring nature, for example services or memberships, then SNIPER “MINI-ERP” can be a perfect solution.
SNIPER, SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” can be used as a standalone client area portal, or integrated into your website, and provides you with a member’s area to allow clients to sign-up and manage their account & services with you, make payments, and request support.
SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” integrates with payment gateways, server provisioning APIs, services registrars & fraud protection services to be able to fully automate the ordering and provisioning process.

Main Features


Simple and Secure


CRM/ Customer and Support Module

Advanced CRM Module

HRIS Module

Products/Services Module

Financial/Billing Module

Reports Generator Module

SMS Module

Live Chat Module

Project Management Module

Additional Features

Main Features


SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” comes with a great standalone portal look. But sometimes you want to integrate it into the rest of your existing website. With a fully template client area, selected pages template on the admin side, and code snippets that you can integrate to existing pages of your site, SNIPER “MINI-ERP” can be integrated as much or as little as you want.

Templated Client Area

allows you to fully customize SNIPER “MINI-ERP” by adding, editing or removing anything clients can see.

CSS Styling

makes it easy to customize and integrate SNIPER “MINI-ERP” with your existing site colors & style.

Integratable Widgets

for adding client login forms, product/pricing information and more on your site.

Multiple Languages

with 10 translations included by default give you a truly worldwide friendly client area and order system.

8 Order Form Templates

are included by default offering various different styles to choose from, and you can of course create your own.

Advanced Linking

options allow you to link direct to SNIPER “MINI-ERP” specifying products, services lookups, more…

Simple and Secure

Easy to Use

we always develop with users in mind, putting tools and options exactly where you’d expect them.

Simple Setup

means you can be up and running with SNIPER “MINI-ERP” quickly, ready to open your doors.

Comprehensive Documentation

is on hand to assist you with clear & simple explanations of common tasks and processes.

Intuitive Design

makes common tasks quick and easy to perform.


is our number 1 priority, and we have a strong track record with quick patches issued for any issues found.

Everything Together

with SNIPER “MINI-ERP” everything is all in one system, simplifying things for your staff and reducing replication of data across multiple systems.

Automatic Bans

are imposed if repeated login failure attempts are detected.

Fully Optimized

means SNIPER “MINI-ERP” is quick and efficient, using minimal server resources.


Automatic Setup & Management

SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” comes with a great standalone portal look. But sometimes you want to integrate it into the rest of your existing website. With a fully template client area, selected pages template on the admin side, and code snippets that you can integrate to existing pages of your site, SNIPER “MINI-ERP” can be integrated as much or as little as you want.

Automated Creation

of services is possible as soon as an order is placed, on receipt of payment or only after manual review – you choose.

Automated Termination

can be set to remove user accounts should they become delinquent for a specified amount of time.

Password Changes

can be done right from within SNIPER “MINI-ERP” and passed out to the various integrated service panels.

Automated Suspension

can be performed when accounts become overdue, with auto reactivation as soon as the overdue bills are paid.

Automated Upgrades

make it easy for users to upgrade their services, with automatic orders and upgrading of the actual service.

Additional Management

functionality is available on a per module basis for actions specifically suited to that functionality.

CRM/ Customer and Support Module


are a blog like news system allowing you to post your latest news & updates on your website.

Social Integration

with both twitter & Facebook allow users to recommend and comment on your announcements.


allows you to provide answers to common questions and topics and reduce your support load.

Downloads System

allows you to make files available, with support for client only restricted access and tracking of downloads.

Support Departments

allow you to route tickets to the appropriate staff with staff assignments per department.

Pre-Sales Contact Form

that gives you a quick and simple way to have potential clients gets in touch with you.

Support Ticket System

for tracking all client communication and allowing multiple staff to view/respond.

Email Piping

allows you to automatically route all incoming emails into the ticket desk supporting both new emails & replies.


are supported by the ticket system to allow receiving of files from clients.

Escalation Rules

allow you to keep on top of tickets, with auto responders and admin notifications when tickets are waiting too long.

Network Status

tool gives you a dedicated page for notifying clients of both current & scheduled maintenance/issues on your services.

Advanced CRM Module

The Advanced CRM F Module

is a revelatory module created for professional customer relationship management including leads, potentials and follow-ups. With its help all contact details of prospective clients will be organized in a lucid list directly in your system. Along with that, you will be able to add new leads, convert them to potentials at any time or even create accounts for them without the need to leave the module page.

Furthermore, the module includes a wide spectrum of advanced features to facilitate your business management. You will be allowed to send automated emails, add notes, create quotes as well as view logs and other details of your tasks. There is even an option to add custom fields for leads and potentials in order to gather every required information in one place. All the data can be imported/exported so you will be enabled to migrate them between SNIPER systems or simply make a backup whenever you need to.

In addition, you will be able to overview and analyse assembled information thanks to the graphic presentation in dashboard. Alongside the statistical graphs and tables there will be a calendar showing the schedule of foreseen follow-ups.
What makes the module even more unique is the possibility to integrate it with our other products. You can expand its efficiency with the help of Asterisk VoIP Center For SNIPER and Quotes Automation For SNIPER. The first one will let you originate calls between any destination number directly in the addon while the second will increase quotes functionalities.

The Module Features:

  • Create Leads And Potentials
  • Convert Contact Types Between Lead And Potential
  • Assign Client Account To The Contact
  • Assign Admin To The Contact
  • Quickly Edit Contact Details
  • Add Follow-ups To The Contact
  • Reschedule Follow-ups
  • Add And Manage Contact's Notes
  • Create Quotes For The Contact
  • Sent Email From Template Or Custom Message - Include Files And Quote
  • Upload Files From The Contact Profile
  • View Logs Concerning The Contact
  • View Dashboard Containing Incoming Follow-ups
  • View CRM Statistics And Graphs Concerning Contacts
  • Access Leads/Potentials Page Allowing Customization Of Visible Columns And Their Order
  • Upon Removing, The Contact Is Moved To The Archive Where It Can Be Restored From

Follow-up Features:

  • Define Email Templates Used Per Follow-up Per Notification
  • 4 Types Of Notifications: Admin ToDo, Client Notify, Admin Notify And Notify On The Creation
  • Follow-up Type - Easier Determination Of Follow-up Purpose
  • Admin To Notify - Defines Included Admins Per Notification Type

Module Settings Features:

  • View Module Status - Contains Status Of CRM Key Elements
  • Define Whether To Use Potentials, Quotes Or Admin Assignment
  • Define Follow-up Types And Default Admin Notifications Email Templates
  • Disable Hours And Minutes In A Follow-up Date Selector
  • Add And Manage Custom Fields - Text, Textarea, Dropdown And Checkbox
  • Configure Default View Of Leads And Potentials Lists - Visibility And Order In Columns
  • Create CRM Email Templates
  • Map Fields - Automatically Fill Out Form With Appropriate Values
  • Import/Export Contacts In CSV File Format
  • w Information About CRM Cron
  • Learn More About CRM API

Admin Area Features:

  • SNIPER MINI ERP Support Tickets System - Create Lead, Quickly View Its Details And Move To The CRM Contact Profile
  • SNIPER MINI ERP Quotes - Quotes Created From The CRM Profile Will Be Automatically Assigned To The Contact

General Info:

  • Integrated With Asterisk VoIP Center
  • Integrated With Quotes Automation
  • Multiple Access Levels
  • Multi-Language Support

HRIS Module


The Official EMS solution tool designed to manage attendance of employees; In which You can manage the whole queries of the employee.

Manage Task:

The Task Management System is an outstanding feature of our application that manages tasks of all company employment …

Office Inventory:

This feature is a necessary part of every EMS application that provides complete Inventory Management System.

Salary Management System:

A complete Employee Management System also provides an excellent feature that declares and generates CTC reports.

Products/Services Module

Configurable Options

let you offer products that can be customized when ordering, and offer a range of choices to choose from.


can also be offered to allow users to buy extras, both initially and later on for their products.

Custom Fields

allow you to collect any extra information you need for the various products & services you offer.

Welcome Emails

can be setup on a per product/add-on basis to give clients all the information they need to get started with purchases automatically.

Integrated Fraud Checking

gives you peace of mind with both fraud risk scoring & automated phone call verification if desired.

Built-in Shopping Cart

allows your clients to place orders with you for products, domains &add-ons

Prorata Billing

allows you to prorata initial payments to keep all customers due on a common due date

Product Bundles

allow you to group your products and offer streamlined order processes and specific combination discounts.


allow you to offer signup incentives from the simple to complex, one off/recurring/requirements/etc…

Stock Management

lets you offer stock limited products, tracking orders and automatically suspending new orders once stock is used.

Payment Processing

is handled as part of checkout, either capturing from a credit card or forwarding to an off-site payment gateway to reduce abandoned checkouts.

Financial/Billing Module

One of the primary roles of SNIPER “MINI-ERP” has always been billing, and so we have a proven track record in simple & reliable billing. SNIPER “MINI-ERP” features automatic invoicing, payment processing, transactions logging, payment reminders and cancellations/refunds to make managing mass scale billing of clients a breeze.

Credit Card Processing

is done automatically when cards are held on file, with payments auto captured on invoice due dates.

Automatic Payment Processing

is also performed for third party gateways such as PayPal with SNIPER “MINI-ERP” being notified and marking invoices paid as soon as payments occur.

Gateway Vault Storage

allows you to store credit cards either locally, securely encrypted in the database, or off site with your gateway provider (if available).

Invoice Generation

occurs automatically each day however many days in advance of renewal payments being due that you decide.


are sent both before invoice due dates, as well as after in the form of overdue notices chasing up late payments automatically.

PCI Compliant

SNIPER “MINI-ERP” is built in line with guidelines from the PCI Security Standards Council which lets you achieve PCI Compliance status with an approved scanning vendor.

Reports Generator Module

Report Generator For SNIPER MINI ERP will let you generate and manage dynamic reports from any kind of SNIPER MINI ERP data. You will be also able to import/export/print reports, display them in tables/graphs/charts, as well as apply various filters and even your own PHP code to receive expected results. Furthermore, The module will allow you to schedule creating and sending specified reports to your staff members via email.

Owing to a well-thought and user-friendly interface you will be able to easily manage all aspects of your reports. Inbuilt drag & drop WYSIWYG editor will let you create any report you can imagine within just a couple of clicks! What is more, The module already contains nearly 20 predefined reports that you can freely modify and use.

Report Generator For SNIPER MINI ERP is equipped with a migration tool allowing you to import all your reports created with a previous version of this module. The icing on the cake is functionality enabling you to create extensive reports by cron jobs.

Regardless of whether you are a service provider, a service reseller or you use SNIPER MINI ERP in any other way, Report Generator For SNIPER MINI ERP will help you to analyze your company, draw appropriate conclusions and improve your business. Add it to make your work easier and more efficient.

The Module Features:

Admin Area Features:

  • Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Report Builder
  • Dynamic Reports Editing
  • Report Types (Data Table, Pie Chart, Area Chart, Column Chart)
  • Predefined Reports
  • User Created Reports
  • Multi-Sections Of Dynamically Generated Reports
  • Dynamic Filters
  • Predefined SQL Expressions At The Report Builder
  • Multiple Joins At The Report Builder
  • Two View Types Of Report Pages (Simple And Widget Alike)
  • Print Reports With A Print Preview
  • Schedule Automatic Reports Sending To Chosen Staff Members With Specified Conditions
  • Export To CSV, XML and XML Structure
  • Export To CSV From Report View - Allows You To Set Up Undefault Value Of Filter
  • Import From The XML Structure
  • Generate PDF - Both Manually And By Cron Job
  • Translation Of Database Columns And Tables From The Settings Tab
  • Enable Unicode Font For Generated PDF

General Info:

  • Migration Tool
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports SNIPER MINI ERP V5 and Later

User Created Reports:

1.Section 1: Orders Of Services In Selected Time Period (Column Chart)
2.Section 1: Orders Of Services In Time (Column Chart)
3.Section 1: Orders Over The Weekdays (Pie Chart)
4.Section 1: Most Valuable Clients (Data Table)
  • Section 1: User Accounts Created In Selected Time Period (Data Table)
  • Section 2: Amount Of User Accounts Created In Selected Period (Column Chart)
  • Section 1: Tickets Replied By Admin (Data Table)
  • Section 2: Tickets Replied By Admin (Data Table)
  • Section 3: Tickets Replied By Admin (Pie Chart)
7.Section 1: Customers Per Country (Pie Chart)

Predefined Reports:

  • Section 1: Income Per Country (Column Chart)
  • Section 2: Income Per Country (Pie Chart)
2.Section 1: Income Per Country Per Product (Data Table)
3.Section 1: MRR & Churn Metrics (Data Table)
4.Section 1: MRR & Churn Per Product (Data Table)
  • Section 1: Open Tickets For The Period (Data Table)
  • Section 2: New Invoices For The Time Period (Data Table)
  • Section 3: Invoice Reminders For The Time Period (Data Table)
  • Section 4: Hosting Renewals (Data Table)
  • Section 5: Suspended Services For The Time Period (Data Table)
  • Section 6: Domain Renewals For The Time Period (Data Table)
  • Section 1: Closed/Answered Status Tickets By The Staff Member (Data Table)
  • Section 2: Tickets Stats For The Staff Over Time (Area Chart)
  • Section 3: Closed To-Do List Tasks Owned By The Staff Member (Data Table)
  • Section 4: To-Do List Tasks Owned By The Staff Member Grouped By Status (Pie Chart)
  • Section 5: Orders Summary (Area Chart)
  • Section 1: Opened Tickets Stats For This Staff Over Time (Area Chart)
  • Section 2: To-Do List Tasks Owned By The Staff Member Grouped By Status (Pie Chart)
  • Section 3: Closed To-Do List Tasks Owned By The Staff Member (Data Table)

SMS Module

SMS Center For SNIPER MINI ERP will allow you to send specific text messages to your clients upon sending them email notifications. By using this module, you will be able to create SMS templates for all email templates in your SNIPER MINI ERP, both default and custom ones. Each text message has predefined content but if needed, you can edit it suitably or even add other versions in different languages.

The Module Features:

Admin Area Features:
  • Define SMS Template Counterpart For Each Email Template
  • Enable/Disable SMS Gateways
  • Enable/Disable SMS Templates
  • Define Default SMS Template Version For Each Language
  • Check Connection With SMS Gateways
  • Merge Fields Support
  • Characters Counter - Trace Length Of Your Messages
  • Adjust Format Number To International Automatically
  • Logs

  • Client Area Features:

    • Define SMS Notifications To Receive

    Supported Gateways:

    • UCG-SMS

    General Info:

    • Module API - Integrate Other SMS Gateways
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Supports SNIPER MINI ERP V5 and Later

Live Chat Module

The SNIPER MINI ERP Live Chat Addon is developed in partnership with Stardevelop, bringing SNIPER MINI ERP users a powerful integrated live chat/visitor tracking solution that includes a Windows Desktop Client to monitor visitors and handle chats.

The custom Live Help Messenger solution tailored specifically to SNIPER MINI ERP means that you can monitor site visits and instantly see if they are a registered client, and get direct access to their tickets, profile, and other client specific information from the chat interface. Chats are also logged under the SNIPER MINI ERP ticket history for a client.

The Module Features:

  • Simple Setup – just drop into the modules folder
  • Multiple Statuses Online/Offline/BRB/Away
  • Ability to Transfer Chats Between Operators
  • Ability to Send Predefined Responses
  • Windows Desktop Tray Application
  • Ability to Send Links, Images & JavaScript
  • Popup Tray Alerts of Visitors/Chat Requests
  • Also includes Web Based Admin Area
  • Tabbed Chat Windows for Multiple Chats
  • Sound and Popup Alerts
  • Operator to Operator Chats
  • Unlimited Operators & Departments
  • Customizable Images
  • Quick Links to Client Related Pages in Chat/Visitor Windows
  • Popup-Friendly Initiate Chat
  • Typing Status Alerts
  • Real-time Visitor Statistics & Browsing Footprints
  • Visitor Referrer Information
  • PUSH Links / URL’s
  • IP-Country Detection
  • File Transfer Support
  • Spell Checking
  • Auto Save / Logged Transcripts
  • In-Line Chat Visitor / Rating Alerts
  • Guest Rating of Live Help Support
  • Auto Startup & Login Ability
  • iPhone & Android Apps for Mobile Use

Project Management Module

Designed to help you organize jobs & tasks, allowing you to tie Support Tickets & Invoices with To-Do Items to create Projects. The aim is to connect everything together via a single interface, avoiding unnecessary & time consuming duplication to third party systems, and allowing staff to privately communicate and track internal discussions, share files, and track (as well as optionally bill) for time spent on individual tasks.

Keep everything together in one central place, files, discussions, tasks, and avoid unnecessary duplication into third party systems

Simple Creation:

Creating projects is easy, and requires only a title & due date. Projects can also be created right from within a support ticket

Easy Access:

Search for projects by title or associated ticket number, use the shortcuts shown directly within tickets themselves, or access from clients profiles

Be On Time:

Specify Due Dates for Projects, and instantly see which projects are top priority, and exactly how long you have left until deadlines


Reports allow you to review projects, time worked, and other statistical information


The look and colors are customizable via the included CSS files, with a developer license option also available

Activity Logging:

Records are kept detailing every change and adjustment to a project, who did it, and the date/time


Multi-language ready, the Project Management add-on has an English translation currently, with more on the way soon.

Tasks/To-Do Lists:

Create Task Lists to track each stage of a project, with the ability to mark items as complete and see at a glance how much is outstanding

Time Tracking:

Time can be logged against tasks, tracked automatically with a start & stop timer on a per admin basis

Bill for your Time:

With the Time Records kept for tasks, you can automatically convert those into invoices and deliver them to your customers

Related Invoices:

SNIPER “MINI-ERP” will automatically track and display the status of all invoices relating to projects, including custom created ones

File Attachments:

Files can be attached to projects as a whole, and to staff messages, to allow sharing of files and resources relating to the project


Fine grained permission controls allow you to allow/deny access to each action on a per admin role group basis

Additional Features

Web Based Administration

area means that you can logon and manage your billing & enquiries from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Edition

is a mobile browser friendly, low graphics version for managing orders & tickets from non-iPhone or Android devices.

Dedicated iPhone & Android Apps

are available for both major phone platforms to make accessing & using SNIPER “MINI-ERP” while mobile even easier.

Tablet Admin Theme

with the bigger screen of tablets, the full admin area can be used and we include a tablet friendly theme.

SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” is an all in one solution for business automation. It suites for any business that offer normal/recurring services, projects management-developments and leasing. SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” is a mix of professional modules to serve all business needs. SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” is advised to run on Linux based servers which powered by SNIPER-SEC.